The only 5 (non-toxic) household products you will ever need.

18 Apr

We’re marketed so many products by companies that only care about making money. Recently I’ve taken to minimizing the number of products I purchase and using products that are food-safe instead of using harmful everyday products.

Why would I get in a shower that has been cleaned with toxic chemicals, or spray similar cleaner around my kitchen?

Also, having many products and keeping track of what was for what, when and how much always drove me nuts!  Below are products that I now swear by-I’ve highlighted the tips that I use most.

Vinegars- White and Apple Cider

  • Household: Clean & disinfect everything: kitchen counters, tile floors, bathroom surfaces,tabletops, you name it.  Clean windows and mirrors. Both kinds of vinegar are used in cooking. Laundry detergent for whiter whites and crisper colors; also helps with water deposits in your washer. Remove stickers and sticky residue. Also makes a great room deodorizing spray (recipe).
  • Cosmetic(Primarily ACV): Drinking a small amount daily (though I don’t do this) is great for clear skin, regulating digestion and detoxifying.  Dilute in a squirt bottle in the shower for a conditioner.  Use on a cotton ball as a facial skin toner.

Baking soda

  • Household: Scour pots and pans or household surfaces.  Deodorize cabinets, fridge, etc.  Apply as a paste to stains on clothes, including grease.  Add to loads of laundry to boost whitening, deodorize, and soften water; also great for your septic system. (Don’t put baking soda and vinegar in the washer at the same time–alternate loads.) Pouring baking soda down your drain followed by vinegar cleans and clears blocks.
  • Cosmetic: Shampoo. Spot-treat zits. Toothpaste.

Coconut Oil

  • Household: Cooking as you would with olive oil or any other.  Baking substitute for oil, butter, margarine, etc.  Oil wooden cutting boards frequently to maintain integrity.
  • Cosmetic: All-over body lotion, and has natural sun-blocking properties. (See my beauty recipes link at the bottom of the page for C.O. recipes.) Fights mild skin irritations topically.

Castile Soap

I use liquid Doctor Bronner’s.  As a general rule dilute with 75% water.

  • Household: Floor wash and polish. Dish soap.  Laundry detergent for delicates and small loads.
  • Cosmetic: Body wash. Shampoo. Toothpaste.


Household Cleaner: I use a spray bottle with 1/2 vinegar + 1/2 water for EVERYTHING around the house.  If you want, use a higher concentration of vinegar for tougher jobs, like the toilet.  Sprinkle baking soda first for scouring power. For a lovely smell, try this orange infusion.

Laundry Detergent: Add vinegar to beginning of wash cycle. I promise it works!

Shampoo: (1) For normal hair- Baking soda diluted (2) For oily hair- Baking soda + castile soap diluted. Check out my no ‘poo tips.

Body Lotion: Coconut oil softened with heat and blended with an essential oil.  For a fancier body oil, wait for the coconut oil to come back to room temperature and then put it in a mixer with a whisk attachment, gradually increasing the speed. Voila, whipped coconut oil body butter (great for gifting)!

Check out safe and easy recipes for beauty products using many of these same ingredients.

Check out my ‘Living green section for all my cleaning and beauty tips!



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